Padded envelopes with air protection

WZ Eurocopert became the owner of the bubble envelope brand at the beginning of 2017. 

Our padded envelopes are manufactured from environmentally friendly bubble wrap and cased in extremely strong FSC certified heavyweight paper. Finger lift tape is placed on the trapezoidal shaped flap of the envelope and after its removal, the envelope can be sealed in one of two ways; either permanently or temporarily (re-sealable). The durable, wide and aesthetic seal on the edges of the envelope (two side seams and a bottom seam) prevents the envelope from tearing.

The envelope also has buckle holes for closure. These envelopes enable the easy and safe sending of a myriad range of products as well as to ensure protection against moisture and mechanical damage. They also guarantee parcel security and discretion (as they are totally opaque). In addition to these advantages, they are exceptionally low in weight thereby keeping postal costs to a minimum.

The ecological characteristics are also worthy of note. The LDPE foil can be removed from the outer paper and therefore both the paper and plastic bubble wrap can be recycled.

Padded envelopes with air protection are commonly known as bubble envelopes and apart from the ?off the shelf? white and brown colour versions, they can be also be requested in any other colour; as is the case with most of our products. Overprinting to customer requirements is also possible in either one or two colours.

Within our standard range of these items, we offer retail packs of three or ten padded envelopes, polyolefin wrapped together. Upon request, we can include your graphic design on the package (printing in-house), as well as modifying the number of items in a pack according to your order.

Production and sale of AIRMAX Premium envelopes is FSC® certified – licence number – FSC® C043072.

TypeExternal dimensions[mm]Internal dimensions[mm]Quantity per box
A/11120 x 175100 x 165200
B/12140 x 225120 x 215200
C/13170 x 225150 x 215100
D/14200 x 275180 x 265100
E/15240 x 275220 x 265100
F/16240 x 350220 x 340100
G/17250 x 350230 x 340100
H/18290 x 370270 x 360100
I/19320 x 455300 x 44550
K/20370 x 480350 x 47050
CD200 x 175180 x 165200
*In view of the fact that various technologies are applied in the manufacturing process, envelope dimensions may vary up to 5mm in two different batches.