Color envelopes

These unique envelopes attract the attention and interest of recipients with their colors. This product is particularly helpful for the realization of marketing objectives.

There are two types of color envelopes according to the technology of obtaining colors, their quality as well as price. We can obtain color envelopes in two ways: by overprint on the entire surface of a white envelope, so called APLA, or by manufacturing envelopes from paper dyed in the cake.

The second manufacturing method guarantees PREMIUM Type envelopes with beautiful and durable colors and prestigious look ensuring positive attitude towards the received parcel. We perform envelopes from paper dyed in the cake among others in the following formats: C-6, DL and C-5; contact us if you are interested in other formats. Standard paper weight for the manufacturing of envelopes amounts to 80 g/m2; however, there exists the possibility to order paper with the weight from 120 g/m2 up to 160 g/m2. Depending on the manufacturing volume, envelopes can be performed from paper in sheets for smaller quantities or paper in rolls.

Colors available in continuous sale

Colors may vary from the physical look of the paper as a result of imperfections connected with digital processing and calibration of devices for displaying the website.

Colors available on request

Minimum order volume to be agreed with the sales department.