Envelopes for automated packing

WZ Eurocopert is the first manufacturer of envelopes for automated packaging of mail in Poland and specializes in this field for over 20 years.

Envelopes for automated packaging manufactured by our company possess registered pattern and name – COUVERTIC ®. Their unique qualities enable efficient automated packaging even in the fastest machines and the company is their renowned manufacturer not only on European markets. Before reaching the Customer, our envelopes undergo detailed multi-level inspection at the manufacturing stage as well as in the Quality Control department. In this way, we are sure that they meet high quality requirements of the most advanced machines for automated packaging of mail.

WZ Eurocopert guarantees high performance quality and compatibility with all packaging machines and devices of such renowned manufacturers as KernPitney BowesBell & HowellCMC and Neopost.

Envelopes with Couvertic®

Envelopes with trapezoidal flap