Double-layer double bag envelopes

DOUBLE bag is characterized by: self-adhesive strip, strengthened seal flap, extended sides and bottom. Double bag is a double-layer three-dimensional envelope manufactured from two layers of white offset paper of various weight and dimensions. The front and bottom of the envelope have additional interlayer strengthening. The abovementioned envelopes are equipped with self-adhesive strip (HK), security system (protecting against unauthorized opening) and tear-off strip for opening. Basic application of DOUBLE bag envelopes, which guarantee the protection of their content against creasing and damage, is the sending of: collective mail, books, folders or binders. These envelopes are also a perfect solution for online and mail-order shops.

Dimensions (mm)TypeColorWeight g/mQuantity per packageQuantity per pallet
DOUBLE Bag 200x310x40O-DS-180white2×901007 200
DOUBLE Bag 255x390x40S-DS-200white2×1001005 000
DOUBLE Bag 300x460x40L-DS-220white2×1101003 500
DOUBLE Bag 280x440x60X-DS-240white2×120751 125