Courier envelopes

Courier envelopes (also called pads) are manufactured from recyclable transparent foil.

Have a self-adhesive strip (HK) for sealing. On the back of the envelope there is an exceptionally durable layer of glue, thanks to which we can be sure that, irrespective of the surface to which the pad is fixed, it will for sure reach its recipient.

Our pads withstand all weather conditions and high or low temperatures, as well as air humidity, do not have any influence on the documents stored inside the envelope. What is also important is the fact that thanks to such qualities as durability and high transparency of the foil, barcode scanners do not have any problems with reading the data.

They are applied mainly in all types of courier packages for sending documents, warranties, waybills, invoices, instruction manuals etc. Sometimes they are also used for the circulation of goods and documents inside companies.

Avaliable formats of courier envelopes:

FormatDimensions in mm.Quantity per packageQuantity per pallet
C6160 x 1101.000144.000
DL220 x 1101.00096.000
C5220 x 160500 / 1.00072.000
C4310 x 23050036.000